Rental Conditions

Article 1 Legal Conditions


Second home Rent cannot be held responsible for:-


1) Disruption, change or prevention of access to the tenant if it is the result of

Events beyond our control.


2) Inconvenience caused by the work of others, such as municipal, highway or

Other agencies.


3) Any interruption of the supply of water or electricity, due to the lack of sunshine

And/or rainfall.


4) Loss, theft or damage to baggage, personal belongings or vehicles.


5) Personal accidents in and around the house or pool and surrounding area.


Article 2 Reservation and Price


A reservation is valid from the time Second Home Rent receives the required deposit.


Payment of the deposit means that the tenant has read and agreed the general conditions

Listed here and accepted the description of the holidayhome that he has rented.


The prices of Second Home Rent's  holiday homes are charged in Euros and are per property

Per rental period, as stated on the invoice, vat is not applicable.


Additional costs, such as cleaning, water and electricity consumption costs, taxes etc,

Detailed in the property description are not included in the rental price.


Article 3 Payment of the Rent


On each reservation 30% of the rent must be paid in advance, as well as the reservation fee.

This deposit must be paid within 2 days of the receipt by Second Home Rent of the signed contract.


The tenant will receive one invoice for the deposit and a second one for the remainder of the amount due.


The remaining must be received by Second Home Rent six weeks before the start of the tenancy.

Otherwise the tenant will receive a letter asking for the remainder to be paid within 5 working days.


Failure to make that payment will be treated as a cancellation by the tenant and the cancellation

Conditions of Article 4 shall apply.


Second Home Rent has the right to continue to offer the property for rental.


If a reservation is made less than six weeks before the start of the rental period the full price must be

Paid by return of post to secure it.


After receiving the full amount Second Home Rent will send directions and other relevant information

Regarding keys.


Article 4 Cancellation by the Tenant


Any cancellation must be in writing or email to Second Home Rent.


Second Home Rent, will retain the following amounts from the deposits in the event of cancellation.


1) Over three months before the start of the rental period; 0 Euros.


2) Between 60 and 90 days before the start of the rental period; 30% of the rent.


3) Between 59 and 30 days before the start of the rental period; 50% of the rent.


4) Less than 30 days before the start of the rental period; 100% of the rent.


5) No refund will be made if the tenant leaves the property before the end of the agreed stay.


Article 5 Cancellation by Second Home Rent


If, due to unforeseen circumstances, Second Home Rent to cancel a tenancy, the tenant shall

Be notified immediately and a refund of payments will be made.


Second Home Care will, if possible, offer a similar holiday.


Article 6 Complaints and Disputes


No complaint will be accepted unless it is reported within 48 hours of taking possession of the property.

It must be reported by telephone and confirmed by registered letter.


If the tenant refuses to take possession of a property because the state of it is not as he could

Reasonably expect, he must immediately contact Second Home Rent. It is not possible to reach

Agreement, then the complaint will be referred to an expert, a bailiff or a notary for reasonable



The contract is drawn up in accordance with French law. All disputes which may arise from the contract

Are subject to the jurisdiction of the French court.


Article 7 Descriptions


All pamphlet information and information on the internet site concerning the property,

The layout, the furniture or other relevant information is provided in good faith, based on data from the owner

Or found as a result of spot checks by Second Home Rent.


If any change occurs between the time of reservation and the start of the rental period, Second Home Rent

Will inform the tenant but cannot be held responsible.


If, despite everything, the information regarding the property, the layout, the furniture, the number of

Occupants or other relevant information proves to be incorrect, then the tenant, must immediately notify

Second Home Rentthat appropriate action can be taken.


All information on tourism and leisure activities is provided by third parties and is outside the control of

Second Home Rent.


Second Home Rentl not be held responsible for any accident in or around the pool. The pools meet

All currant security requirements but are used at your own risk.


Article 8 Arrival and Departure


The key will be provided at the property. Please contact the key-holder 1 hour before arrival to arrange

Handing over the key.


At the end of your holiday, please return the key to the key-holder or leave it in an agreed place.


Keys will be given between 16.00 and 18.00 hours, unless otherwise agreed.


The tenant must leave no later than 10.00 on the day of departure.


Article 9 Maximum number of Occupants


The tenant may not exceed the number of persons permitted in the property, unless prior permission is

Granted by Second Home Rent. The number is exceeded, Second Home Rent as the right to refuse

Access to the property to any extra people. If it is discovered afterwards, that extra people have stayed

In the property a charge of 25% of the rent for each extra person shall be deducted from the guarantee.



Article 10 Pets


Pets must be notified to Second Home Rent. The charges per pet is €50,00



Second home Rent delivers a full and detailed information from legal and regulatory requirements to swimming pool owners, as well as a full caution to renters on their duty of supervision on children and the risks that may occur from using the pool. If responsibility of Second home care is seek before justice, Second home Rent will have a right of recourse against the the pool owner or the renter, if any.


Article 12 Guarantee


The deposit, together with the remainder of the rent must be received 6 weeks before the start of the

Rental period.


In accordance with French law, the guarantee, will be returned within 2 weeks of the end of the tenancy,

Less any recovery in respect to damage to the property or it's contents.


Article 13 Additional Costs


When booking your stay, additional costs are added such as water and electricity consumption, French

Tourist tax and final cleaning.


Article 14 Cleaning


The house must be clean and tidy for the tenant. If this is not the case, then it must be immediately

Reported to Second Home Rent  their representative so that action can be taken. The tenant must

Report his complaint within 24 hours.


On departure, the tenant must leave the house tidy and all wastes such as empty bottles, plastic waste

And tin cans must be deposited in the recycling containers available in the locality.


Article 15 House Rules


Please do not move furniture. This may cause unnecessary damage and wear to furniture and flooring.

Second Home Rent may charge you extra if furniture has to be replaced or repaired.


Any locked rooms or furniture are deemed to be personal to the owner and must not be opened.


Most of rural Frensch houses has septic tank (fosse septique) sewage and drainage, which only deals with bodily

Waste. Please do not deposit tampons, sanitary towels, disposible nappies or any other items normally

Disposible on mains sewage systems in the toilets. Also please check that any cleaning products are

Fosse septic compatible. Some cleaning products and foreign objects lead to unpleasant and expensive



Always use linen on the beds. If you do not do so, you may be charged for the cleaning of any stained

Pillows, blankets and mattresses.


Where there is a fireplace or woodstove in the property, please do not stoke it too high. Do not use wet

Wood as chimney fires could occur. If you are not used to fireplaces and woodstoves, please ask Second Home Rent or their representative who will be pleased to advise you. The representative can advise you

Where to buy wood, please do not take it out of the woods or stacks in the neighbourhood as it is all owned

By somebody.


Please respect the garden and pool and do not pick any flowers or plants. Avoid driving cars on the grass

Or garden. Setting- up tents is strictly prohibited, as are camp fires.


Do not make too much noise and observe the rule that after 22.00 hours you should respect the right of

Local residents to a nights sleep.


Notify any problems at the start of your stay to the representative, so that you may not be held responsible.

Report any damages caused by you so that they can be made good for the next tenants.


Any complaints must be reported immediately within 24 hours to Second Home Rent or it's representative.


The property must be left broom clean. No dirty dishes must be left. Empty bottles (glass, plastic) and tin-cans should be placed in the appropriate recycling bins at the supermarkets or village locations.



Household rubbish should be placed in black plastic bags and in the appropriate bins.


Failure to adhere to these conditions may result in additional costs.